How Your Dated Displays are Costing You Money

How product is displayed in your store is going to greatly impact how your products sell. No one is going to buy warm pop, and other items must be kept cool. This means you need to tuck some products into refrigerated displays. If your store has not had the glass doors replaced in the last decade, they may be costing you money. A new set of refrigerator insulated doors in California can save you money on your electricity bill, and save you money from lost sales.

Utility Bills

A reduction on your utility bill is the most obvious way that new glass doors will save your business money. Older doors are going to let more heat in and more cold out. When your doors are letting out all the cool air, your condensers are going to have to work harder. With all that extra work, the condensers are going to use more electricity, which results in a higher bill. The latest doors will have better insulation, better sealing between the doors, and their closing mechanisms are going to work better. All of this leads to better insolation, and less money spend keeping your refrigerator cold.

Loss of Sales

Newer refrigerator doors are going to have more glass, letting more of your product be displayed. When you maximize the number of products your customers can access per door, you are going to see an increase in sales. Not only will more product be accessible, the new doors are going to look better. Having an old and rusty cooler is potentially another reason that your customers may be walking out without purchasing items. Old looking displays do not make your product look pleasing. When it comes to perishable foods that are in a refrigerator, shiny and new doors increase your customers’ faith in the freshness of your products.

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