Say Goodbye To Insect Infestations With Tent Fumigation

by | Apr 4, 2017 | Pest Control

If termites weren’t so destructive, one would almost have to admire them. Consider that this tiny insect is responsible for damaging more homes in the United States than floods, fires, and storms, combined, and can destroy the timbers and walls of a home within three months. Strong measures must be taken to rid them from a home. Tent Fumigation is considered the most effective of these measures.

The following provides a general timeline and outline as to how the fumigation process works.

  • Preparing for Fumigation -; Prepping a home for fumigation is an intensive undertaking -; requiring more than simply gathering pets and family and vacating. Fish tanks that cannot be removed must be covered tightly and houseplants cannot remain behind. All bed linens must be removed and mattresses should be covered in plastic. Clothing in closets should be placed in sealed bags. All foodstuffs that are not in cans or plastic containers must be removed from the home.
  • First Day of Fumigation -; The fumigation crew  will place the fans where needed and open all interior doors and drawers. The crew will envelope the home with tarps and secure them tightly along the foundation. They will also affix warning signs as required and secure the home with secondary locks. Once everything is in place the gas is released into the structure for a predetermined period based on home’s size.
  • Second Day of Fumigation -; After the appropriate fumigation period the technicians will engage the ventilation system to begin the aeration process. Once completed the crew will remove the tarps and air sampling will be conducted to ensure no fumigant remains and that it is safe to occupy the structure.
  • Final Day of Fumigation -; The final day may be two or three days after fumigation begins, depending on the size of the structure and the degree of infestation. Once it has been deemed safe to re-enter the signs will be removed and the secondary locks removed.

Once Tent Fumigation has been completed and it has been deemed safe to reoccupy the home, the homeowner might want to clean the home, although fumigation companies claim it is not necessary. Vacuum all flooring, wipe all cabinets and counters with disinfectant wipes, and all floors should be mopped as well. Hiring a professional cleaning service experienced with cleaning homes after fumigation is also beneficial. You can also follow them on Instagram for more information.

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