Choose Carpet Cleaners Oahu Wisely to Avoid These Mistakes

by | Apr 22, 2013 | Flooring

When people go to have their carpet cleaned, they often call the first carpet cleaner they come across. This is one of many mistakes people make when hiring carpet cleaners. When hiring Carpet Cleaners Oahu, you need to know common mistakes made and how to avoid them. Here are a few to be aware of.

  1. Never choose Carpet Cleaners Oahu based on price alone. They could be offering this low price to reel you in only to raise the price once they arrive at your home. They may have cheap equipment that won’t get the job done right or they may make use of single-process cleaning which isn’t as effective as dual-process cleaning.
  2. Select a carpet cleaner who offers a money-back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied once the job is done, you should not have to pay until you are. Some offer ‘limited’ guarantees while others offer no guarantee at all. Look for a carpet cleaner who puts the guarantee in writing.
  3. Ask for references before you hire a company to clean your carpets. Contact these references or read testimonials on the company website. It never hurts to visit independent consumer review sites also to learn what others are saying about a company before you hire someone.
  4. Equipment alone won’t do a good job. The technician running the equipment is of great importance also. He or she must be trained in proper use of the equipment so be sure to ask if this is the case when comparing Carpet Cleaners Oahu. Ask for proof of this training.
  5. Never base your decision on a phone call. Have carpet cleaners come to the home to provide you with a written estimate. This prevents the cleaner from arriving at the home and using high pressure sales tactics to get you to agree to a higher price. This also allows you to see if you feel comfortable with the Carpet Cleaners Oahu before they spend a number of hours in your home cleaning your carpets.

These are just some of the mistakes home and business owners make when choosing a carpet cleaner. The more you know before you make the first call, your decision will be much easier. Your goal is clean carpets and you should expect nothing less so take the time to do this research for great results.

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