Common Heating Repair Areas for Appleton WI Heating Systems

by | Oct 8, 2018 | Heating and Air Conditioning

The good old thermostat controls a good number of heating systems that are in the market today. There is a strong agitation for homeowners to save as much energy as they can. If you want to be part of this energy saving revolution, replacing that old thermostat would be a good place to start. A digital thermostat that has a programming function is the way to go. These thermostats are capable of automatically adjusting the temperature of your home by turning on when you are in the house and off when the house is empty. Any professional heating repair in Appleton WI will pay close attention to the thermostat when carrying out maintenance and repairs on your heating system.

The air filter in a forced-air furnace is critical to the efficient operation of the furnace. A competent heating repair professional will recommend monthly replacements for the filter. A programmable thermostat is a good investment towards this end since it alerts you to change the filter at an opportune time. Different heating repair in Appleton WI professionals recommend different types of filters for your furnace. Some recommend cheap fiberglass filters while others insist on midrange filters that have the capacity to trap smaller impurities.

A well-maintained heating system requires regular change of filters to achieve peak efficiency. The selection of the filters depends largely on the sensitivity of the house occupants to air-borne particles. In order to eliminate this problem, qualified heating repair in Appleton WI professionals recommend for bi-monthly vacuuming of the furnace’s blower area and other accessible areas. Even with the strictest filter changes, dust still finds its way to the blower blades. If you own older propane or natural gas furnace, your heating repair professional may have advised you to oil the blower and motor shafts regularly. Several drops of oil rated at 20-weight is enough to keep these parts working optimally throughout the year. Newer furnace models spot sealed bearings that do not require regular oiling.

Another common furnace area that requires regular monitoring is the furnace blower. If your furnace has an electric motor that powers the blower via a V-belt, it is important that you be on the lookout for a frayed or cracked belt. Fortunately, competent heating repair technicians are always looking out for such tell tale signs. If the belt is okay, the technician next embarks on checking the alignment of the motor pulleys and blower. Improper alignment accelerates the belt-wearing process and results in annoying noises. With a metal carpenter’s square, alignment is an easy undertaking. Just loosen the motor screws, align it using the square and tighten the loosened screws.

Hot water heating systems require regular bleeding of air from the radiator. The system has a bleeder valve located on each radiator. Open this and let out the hot water until it stops sputtering.

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