Consider A Pest Maintenance Program For Your Mice Problem

by | Apr 13, 2013 | Pest Control

Many homeowners do not recognize that they have a problem with mice in CT until one of the family members actually sees one running across the floor. Of course, this experience can be very dramatic. Unfortunately, by the time the mouse infestation gets to that point, the mice are well rooted in the home. However, this is no problem for professional pest control agency.

Your local pest control agency will respond by inspecting your home, identifying your specific rodent problem, and working to eradicate the infestation. They can also check for early warning signs of other pests at the same time. As you choose your pest control company, you should look for a service that performs total elimination, not just pest restraint. As an example, a mouse infestation can be concentrated in certain areas: the nests of the rodents. The company can focus its efforts on that specific portion of the home. However, this is not a strong strategy for total eradication. It often requires a return visit for the control agency.

If any rodent escapes the eradication effort and moves to another part of the home, then the pest control is only temporary. This is also true if some of the rodents move outside the home. Many homeowners who have worked to eliminate rodents on their own have found this out the hard way. Some of these homeowners use humane traps that do not kill the rodents. They allow the homeowners to release the pests into their backyards or other areas. Homeowners that do this often find that the mice in CT often find their way back into the home, sometimes within a matter of a day. A competent pest control agency will take measures to eradicate your mouse problem in a permanent fashion.

In an area where mice in Connecticut can become a problem, the potential for another infestation is always present. If the mice are originating from a nearby field or from another structure, they can find their way back to your home. For this reason, regular inspections in areas with a likelihood of a mouse problem are an excellent strategy. This allows a pest control company to identify the problem early. For this reason, finding a good pest control company and then setting up a maintenance program is an excellent idea.

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