Contact a Professional Exterminator for Safe Bee Removal in Hartford

A bee infestation near or in your home can be serious and challenging to get rid of. The ideal way to remove bees is while they are alive, so Bee Removal in Hartford can be dangerous without the appropriate experience. The best option for completely removing the bees and the hive is to contact a professional pest control company, such as Triple AAA American Exterminators.

One of the most dangerous types of bee infestations is Africanized bees, because they will often attack without provocation. Africanized bees are territorial and their sting can be serious, especially for those who have an allergy to bees. There are a few steps that must be taken to ensure the Bee Removal in Hartford is effective. The exterminators will first locate the colony and quarantine the hive in order to isolate the queen. It is often difficult to locate a bee colony, but professional exterminators have the appropriate equipment, such as laser thermometers and miniature cameras that help with finding the colony.

The hive and the honey must be completely removed to prevent the bees from returning back to the location. A hive can sometimes be several feet in length and width, so it is important to remove the entire hive. Once the hive has been removed, the hive area needs to be cleaned thoroughly with soapy water to remove all traces of the chemical pheromones that were released by the bees. In some situations, the exterminator may need to use a heating gun to melt the wax in order to completely remove it. Bees are becoming extinct, so the exterminator will typically attempt to chase the bees from your home instead of using chemicals to kill them. The most common way an exterminator attempts to chase the bees away is through smoking them out with a chemical free solution.

It is important that you not attempt to find the hive or remove the hive on your own if you are not familiar with bee removal. In many situations the hive may be between the structure of your home and the siding, so you may have to make slight repairs to the siding once the process is completed.

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