Decreasing Overhead Costs with Large Equipment Rentals

by | Jan 21, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

Do you run a small construction business or make extra money doing small construction jobs for friends or family members? The construction industry is profitable, but only if you know how to invest your money correctly. You can quickly go from being a profitable company to losing money on bad business investments, like too much equipment. Everyone knows that the heart of a construction company is its equipment. If a construction business doesn’t have the equipment it needs, it can’t bid for jobs or offer services on the side.

However, purchasing an inventory of large machinery isn’t necessarily the best way to make money in the construction business. For small businesses, and those who want a side business, equipment rentals are the way to go. Instead of purchasing a crane, a backhoe, a dump truck, and a front loader, you can simply take out a crane or a backhoe rental. Ottawa business owners who want to reduce overhead costs but still have the necessary components to complete construction jobs need to inquire how equipment rental can help their business.

Save Money on Maintenance

While owning your own fleet of construction equipment seems like the best idea when you first start your business, you have to consider all of the costs beyond just the purchase price. When you own a fleet of equipment, it’s important to maintain each piece so that it performs well when on the job. You will have regular maintenance costs, as well as possibly needing to hire an equipment mechanic who specializes in fixing construction equipment. When you take advantage of a crane, dump truck, or backhoe rental in Ottawa, you don’t have to worry about maintenance costs or repair costs because the rental company handles all aspects of making sure the equipment runs.

Invest Wisely

When you regularly use a crane or backhoe rental in Ottawa, you will learn which pieces of equipment you use the most. This helps you to invest wisely when finally making a purchase. If you notice that you frequently have jobs that need an excavator, you can begin researching the best places to make a purchase. However, if you notice that you only use a bulldozer a couple of times a year, you will know that you’re better off renting that piece of equipment when the need arises. By taking advantage of equipment rentals, you save overhead costs and learn how to invest wisely in large equipment purchases.

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