Differences Between a Commercial Electric Company in Keizer OR and One Providing Residential Service

by | Oct 4, 2018 | Electrical

When a business owner plans to renovate or expand the building, or wants to have new building construction, the electrical work should be done by a commercial or industrial service rather than one concentrating solely on residential projects. There are distinct differences in the scope of the work done by a commercial and industrial Electric Company in Keizer OR compared with residential needs.

New Installation in a Commercial Setting

A new installation in a business setting requires a design plan by an Electric Company in Keizer OR experienced with this type of structure and environment. Commercial buildings use significantly more power than residential structures do. The wiring and circuitry must be designed and installed so that there are no overloads on the system. Future needs must be accounted for since businesses usually are intended to grow.

Location of Wiring

Residential wiring usually is entirely hidden behind walls and in attics. In contrast, much of the wiring in commercial settings is encased in conduits so it can be left in open spaces. Different classes of electrical materials also are used in commercial environments. The design plan tends to be substantially more complex than that of a house. Electricity is needed to run the machinery of various types, extensive lighting systems, and heating and cooling equipment.

Small and Large Needs

A small office has very different electrical needs than a manufacturing plant does. The office setting will need lighting as well as wiring and outlets for computer equipment and peripherals, as well as outlets for a coffeemaker, microwave oven, and cleaning equipment. There may be little else required. In contrast, a manufacturing plant may have moving assembly lines, various kinds of machines, robotics, welding stations, pumps and other equipment putting a heavy load on the system.

Power Phases

Commercial buildings use three-phase power, whereas residential structures rely on single-phase power. These distinctions will not mean much to people who don’t work with electricity, but essentially, it allows for more voltage at the commercial setting.

Some companies, such as Safety Electric Incorporated, focus on both commercial and industrial electrical needs. Contact us for more information on this particular organization.

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