Different Types of Pest Control

Different Types of Pest Control

With the number of pests we have in Maryland, it helps to know about the different types of pest control options you have. Pest control can include both commercial and residential properties. Here are a few types of pest control available in Maryland.

1. Bed bug detection and removal. Bed bugs can be notoriously difficult to detect, and before you know it, you have an infestation. With specially trained dogs, bed bug control specialists can literally smell the problem before you, your family, or your guests get bitten.

2. Commercial pest control. The needs of commercial businesses often differ significantly from the needs of homeowners when it comes to pest control. Commercial pest control needs to be as discreet as possible, while also targeting pests that are drawn to specific industries and geographic areas.

3. Ant control. Ants are a common type of pest in Maryland. A few ants might not be a problem, but many people do encounter ant infestations that require professional interventions.

4. Mosquito control. Mosquitos are a serious problem in Maryland, especially during warmer months. Pest control services usually include many types of mosquito interventions including preventative measures that ensure that these disease carriers no longer bother you.

5. Pest control for people pets. People with dogs, cats, and other pets may find that they need professional intervention for fleas, ticks, and other problems but they want to make sure that the pest control services are safe.

6. Bird and animal pest control. Not all wildlife is welcome in our homes. When you have a problem with roosting birds in your house or with animal pests like raccoons, you may need to avail yourself of the professional services offered by places like Viking. Pest control is as safe and humane as possible, helping you live a pest free life.

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