Features of the Increasingly Popular Residential Poured Floor

Features of the Increasingly Popular Residential Poured Floor

A seamless poured floor is becoming increasingly popular in residential settings as well as in commercial and institutional environments. Homeowners appreciate the ease of cleaning the floors as well as their appearance. This type of flooring is available in different materials for varying effects. Seamless acrylic and epoxy floor coverings are two of the more common choices installed by a contractor such as Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation.

In a residential setting, a poured floor is most likely seen in a finished or unfinished basement and in garages. However, many property owners have discovered that this type of flooring can create intriguing effects in the main living areas. The glossy look of the flooring is especially impressive. Because the materials withstand moisture and liquid spills, they are appealing for kitchens, laundry areas, and bathrooms. Non-slip surfaces can be installed, and that is especially advantageous in the bathroom.

This flooring also creates fascinating effects in any room with an abundance of natural light. A family room with floor-to-ceiling windows, for instance, can have a floor that positively gleams in the sunshine. It reflects the scenery outside the window, which might include flowers, trees, and water features. Property owners may want to inquire about terrazzo, a poured style that includes aggregate for random patterns and the illusion of texture.

Homeowners must be aware of various considerations when this type of floor is installed and must look perfect. Because the material is not manufactured in pieces, delivered, and placed in the house, the contractor has to make sure all environmental factors are close to ideal. This rests on the homeowner’s shoulders. There can be no dust, pet hair, or other bits of debris in the area where the flooring will be poured. Any of those substances that land in the material will solidify there, becoming permanent unwanted features. When it comes to poured residential flooring, one of the worst things that can happen is an errant gnat or mosquito getting stuck in the material. In addition, the home must be within a certain humidity and temperature range as well for optimum results during installation. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.

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