Do You Need Air Conditioning Repair Waxahachie TX?

by | Apr 6, 2013 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Texas summers tend to be hot. When your central air conditioning system decides it no longer wants to work properly, you can call in an Air Conditioning Repair Waxahachie TX company. They may be backed up if a number of clients are having similar problems which means you could do without central air for days. Why not attempt to troubleshoot and repair the system yourself? Some problems are very easy to fix and therefore don’t require the assistance of an Air Conditioning Repair Waxahachie TX firm. Here’s what to look for.

If the system won’t activate at all, check for a blown fuse or circuit breaker. If it fails again immediately, you need to wait for the Air Conditioning repair Waxahachie TX company. If this isn’t the issue, look to see if the blower door on the air handler is shut all the way and check the thermostat to make sure it is in the cool position. Set the thermostat below the current temperature of the room to see if the system kicks in. If not, professional help is likely needed.

When the air conditioner starts up, but you have poor air flow in one or more rooms, you like have a dirty air filter or a problem with the ductwork. Clean or replace the air filter to see if the problem resolves itself. If not, check the ductwork to see if any sections have become crimped or disconnected. You may need to enter the basement, crawl space or attic to check all ductwork. Be sure to check all register dampers also to see if they are in an open position.

If you notice a short ‘on’ compressor cycle, you may have one of many problems. An obstructed thermostat can lead to the compressor frequently turning on or off. Condensing fins on the outside condensing unit may be bent or dirty. If they are bent, repair them using a fin comb. Clean dirty fins to fix the problem. A dirty air filter may also lead to a short compressor cycle so make sure air filters are clean and replace them if necessary.

If these steps don’t fix the problem, call in an air conditioning repair firm. Knowing that you have done everything possible makes it a little easier to deal with the heat. Have the technician thoroughly inspect the unit to detect potential problems so this doesn’t happen again.

Air Conditioning repair Waxahachie TX

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