Drain cleaning by plumbers in Jacksonville FL

The plumbing system of a house determines the level of cleanliness. When the system is clogged, it leaves behind germs and a bad smell. It is therefore important to know how to clean the drain by hiring the excellent plumbers in Jacksonville FL. They specialize in drain cleaning, gas line replacement, camera inspections, sewer cleaning and replacement of water lines. Other services include leak detection, installing backflow device and sewer line replacements. They achieve this by using tools like:

The Auger

This is a device used to unblock clogged toilets and urinals. There are two types which include the toilet auger and the urinal auger. The toilet auger goes beyond the bowl to unblock any stoppage. It has an additional 3 feet cable that can be released from it. The urinal auger is made of a spring steel that is highly flexible to enable go through tight bends. It also has an additional 2 feet cable in it. The two drain cleaning tools are telescopic in nature, and they go beyond the bowl to ensure that the client’s drain is unblocked.

Maxi rooter

It is known to perform tough jobs out of its heavy duty motor. It has nylon rollers which ensure easy climbing of stairs. To keep it in place while operating, a foot brake is used. Also, it has a 20 foot power cable and therefore it can be used even from a far distance.


It is a heavy duty appliance which unblocks hard stoppages. The motor powers the cable to and fro and thus it cannot get stuck in the drain. Plumbers use it with a stand to ensure stability. It is used to unblock stoppage in tight spaces.

The Plumbers in Jacksonville FL are reliable, and they offer exceptional emergency service. They help solve any plumbing problem using their modern tools. Their experts also play a big role in ensuring all plumbing systems are working properly.

American Plumbing Contractors offers reliable plumbing solutions in drain cleaning. Their team of experts uses modern tools to ensure every drain is unblocked and that this does not reoccur. Their plumbers are qualified in all types of water systems and unblocking them. They provide this excellent service in Jacksonville, FL and the surrounding area.

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