Effective Means of Fruit Fly Control

Effective Means of Fruit Fly Control

Whether you are a homemaker or someone in the food industry, fruit fly control is something you must have had your struggles with. This unsightly little pest seems to be impossible to get rid of. Not only are fruit flies extremely inconvenient and difficult to deal with, they are also a big carrier of a variety of disease causing germs and contaminants. Having these fruit flies around your kitchen and food items could result in some really dangerous diseases that you wouldn’t want in your household or a restaurant. That is why fruit fly control in Plymouth MA is so important.

Keep Your Surroundings Clean For Permanent Fruit Fly Control

The first and most important thing one needs to do when it comes to fruit fly control is to keep your home or your business unit wherever you have the problem, clean and dry. If you just go on killing every fly that comes your way, the army of fruit flies will never stop flowing in. What you need to do is target the root cause.

Fruit flies will always come towards a food source or what they believe to be a food source. Always make it a point to leave no food outside the fridge or on the kitchen counter exposed. Leaving food outside is a classic invitation to fruit flies. Also make sure that you empty your trash bins regularly, preferably every day. Trash bins offer the perfect breeding place for fruit flies. They have food, moisture and dark, exactly what flies like. Dirty drain pipes or stagnating water in the yard are all perfect breeding places for flies. If you wish to get rid of flies for good, you need to make sure that your home or your surroundings are clean. Only then will you be able to achieve permanent fruit fly control.

Traps or Strips For Fruit Fly Control

There are a number of ways that have been devised to help you get rid of flies. Different kinds of traps that aim to attract flies towards them and then trapping them in there are quite effective in achieving fruit fly control. These traps can however only trap flies that come to these traps. Alternatively, there are certain specialized fruit fly control strips that emit certain gases that are lethal to flies. If you placed these strips strategically in areas that have more flies, the vapors released from these strips can penetrate into all the nooks and corners of the area and kill even the most hidden flies. A sensible combination of proper cleanliness practices and fruit fly control measures such as these strips will help you achieve long lasting fruit fly control. Visit the site for more details.

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