Facts About Rats in Portland

One of the worst things that a homeowner can discover is that they have pests in their home. These little buggers can move in and set up house before a person even realizes that there is a problem. Ants, roaches, spiders, bees, and more are just looking for houses to move into and infest. When it comes to Rats in Portland, there are many things a homeowner can do to get rid of them and make sure that they do not come back.

Rats in Portland, or anywhere for that matter, are very shy by nature. Unlike mice who are brave and explore in groups, rats are shy and will send out one rat to explore. That rat will then come back and report what they found. Rats are cautious creatures, and many people do not know that they have them until the problem is large. Calling in a professional is the first step to getting rid of them.

A pest professional will go over all the signs that there could be a rodent problem. They will look for droppings in and around the home. They will look for little rodent tracks and gnaw marks. Rats can swing from rafters, and the professional will look for signs that a rat has been swinging from rafter to rafter. Rats are great jumpers, and can live in lots of areas like an unfinished addict or basement. They are also attracted to garages and barns.

The professional will look for ways that rodents could be entering the house. All cracks, crevices, and holes should be filled and sealed. All food sources for the rat should be eliminated. This can mean putting food in plastic air tight containers that a rat cannot eat through. All debris will need to be cleaned and the trash will need to be taken out daily. Traps can be set out, both sticky and snap versions. Poisons and bait can be used to kill the rats. Once the problem has been eliminated the goal will be to keep the little critters from returning. Keep the area clean, free of food and trash that attracts rodents, and keep the cracks and holes filled.

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