Finding A Good Carpenter Ant Exterminator in St Paul

Carpenter ants can cause substantial damage to a home. While not as destructive as termites, the damage can incur a substantial cost. Carpenter ant colonies can be located inside window sills, hollow doors, cedar siding, and wall voids, etc. To an untrained eye some species of carpenter ants can be confused with a termite due to some of them having wings. Their detection is best left to Carpenter Ant Exterminator St Paul.

Typical chemical pesticide spray treatments do not work on this species due to the sprays only killing the ants that are exposed. Due to the nest being buried deep within the wood, the queen nor the eggs are affected. The second reason that sprays do not work is because the ants are able to sense the presence of the chemical and avoid it. If the chemical threatens the nest, the queen has been known to gather up the eggs and move or even split the nest into satellite locations. These locations then become the new breeding grounds which cause even more destruction and making treatment more difficult. If treatment is not performed by a professional that is especially treating for carpenter ants, they can actually make the problem much worse.

Carpenter Ant Exterminator St Paul has special baits or non-repellent insecticides that have proven to be effective in killing the carpenter ants. Due to them being non-repellent, they do not give off a scent that can be detected by the ants; therefore they do not avoid them. Baits attract the ants. Many of them are sweet and remind the ants of the honeydew that they are attracted to. This will cause the ants to digest it and carry the residue back to the nest killing the lava and sometimes the Queen, thus destroying the nest. Additional perimeter sprays may be required to ensure that the ants do not travel outside of the treated area.

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