Foundation Repair and Protection

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When you are looking at your home to decide what, if anything, needs repairing, the first thing you should do is take a close look around your entire home from top to bottom and inside to outside. You will need to diagnose any areas of the home that potentially look as though something could go wrong, or something is currently going wrong. For instance, if you have roof shingles that have fallen off you will pretty much know that without repairing them straight away the interior of your home will be at risk from water damage. However, you might see some siding starting to come loose, but it might not be an essential issue at that time. Although, having stated that, there is the old phrase about a stitch in time saving nine, so repairing that siding would certainly save having to replace it later.

You should examine every inch of the exterior of your home, usually some time during the close of summer so that you can complete repairs before the winter chill—depending on the area you live in. Many projects can be completed by a homeowner, but other larger and more complex jobs should be done by a professional.

Rotting from the Bottom Up

If you discover that your foundations are starting to subside, due to the large amounts of water that Houston can experience you can call an expert in foundation repair. You will likely need to have your home underpinned to prevent further sinking, but the expert will no doubt be able to assess the situation to ascertain exactly what needs doing.

Some homes are built on what might appear to be even ground and when the foundations are laid they will be perfect. However, over time and with sufficient water damage the foundations can start to tilt and sink, taking the house with them very slowly over time. Underpinning the foundation is expensive, but worthwhile because it pins the foundations to stabilize them. Some underpinning is achieved by broadening the foundation site to add supports or digging deeper to add more solid support to the existing area. Other methods include adding grout to the foundation to strengthen it. If you suspect that your home is subsiding, call a foundation repair professional for the right advice.

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