Frequently Asked Questions About Chimney Relining In Carroll County, MD

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One of the most important components of a chimney is the liner and, if it becomes damaged, individuals should contact a company that provides Chimney Relining in Carroll County MD. A qualified chimney inspector can determine if the liner is faulty and needs to be replaced. Additionally, there are signs homeowners can look for that indicate the need for a liner replacement. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn more information about replacing a chimney liner.

How often should homeowners have their chimney liner inspected for issues?

It’s recommended that a professional chimney inspector examines the chimney and liner once a year unless problems arise. The inspection should be scheduled several weeks prior to using the chimney. This is very important because, if there are any problems that need to be addressed, there’s sufficient time for the repairs to be made before the chimney will be in use. When using their chimney, homeowners should also call a professional if there’s any smoke that’s entering the home instead of going out the top of the chimney.

What is the purpose of a chimney liner, and what are some issues that often occur?

A chimney liner is installed inside the length of the chimney and directs the smoke and flue gasses outside through the top of the chimney. Chimney liners are fabricated of various materials, such as metals, concrete, and clay tiles. Chimney liners that become cracked can no longer efficiently direct the smoke outside, and this can cause it to travel downwards and flow inside the home. Damage to a chimney liner can also cause moisture to get inside the chimney and cause the masonry to deteriorate.

What should individuals do if they suspect their chimney liner is damaged?

When individuals detect problems that are common when a chimney liner has damage, they should immediately stop using their fireplace or stove. The gasses that can enter the home are hazardous and can cause the occupants to become ill. The next step is to contact a qualified company that specializes in Chimney Relining in Carroll County MD to examine the chimney and replace the faulty liner.

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