Get New Siding Before the Baltimore Winter Gets Serious

by | Dec 7, 2012 | Home Improvement

The siding on your Baltimore home is critical to keeping out the winter weather. Siding provides an indispensable layer of insulation and adds that extra protection against water damage which can ruin even the structure of your home. If you’re uncertain about how your home’s siding will stand up to another Baltimore winter, consider having new siding installed now – before things get really cold and stormy.

Types of Siding That are Great for Baltimore

Depending on the type of siding that you prefer, there are a number of great options for Baltimore homes. From Fiber Cement siding with a wood-grain texture, to Red Cedar beveled siding, you can choose from a wide variety of textures, colors, and fits. Each type of siding will offer a different look for your home. Real wood siding may be beautiful and classic, but the synthetic sidings of today are much more durable and stand up better to winter after winter in Baltimore. Plus they are easier to install and replacing sections is simpler than with real wood.

Why Siding Now?

Just before the winter sets in in a serious way, siding installations can be completed and make your home ready for the weather ahead. If you’ve lost some siding in the recent storms, you’ll want to get those fixed before another storm blows in. Plus, because it’s the end of the season, you’ll probably find some great deals on stock that building material companies are trying to get out of the warehouse before the next season’s shipments come in. You can take advantage of having repairs done now and get a great deal.

Plus, if you’re at all concerned that you might need new siding, the worst time to find out that you were right is during serious winter storms. If your siding isn’t doing it’s job, your home could take serious damage which could have been avoided if you’d replaced your siding. In many ways, getting your siding replaced right now is an important investment, since we’re expecting more record cold weather and storms. Your old siding may have been okay until now, but with another big storm, would your house be protected?

Don’t wait until your siding forces you to replace it, have a look at your siding now and then see if you can’t find a great price on end of seasons siding from one of the many great building materials stores in and around Baltimore. You’ll be able to rest easy, knowing your home is protected.


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