Helpful Hints On Hiring A Home Contractor

by | Nov 29, 2018 | Construction and Maintenance

A home improvement contractor is someone who has enough qualifications to perform smaller tasks such as the installation of cabinets, windows and new flooring. A general contractor on the other hand takes on much more complicated tasks such as the remodeling of existing properties and addition of rooms. Knowing the difference between the two will help a great deal when hiring a contractor Fairfield CT located. If you plan on doing a huge home improvement project then hiring the right contractor will be of great importance.

A professional contractor Fairfield CT based is the only person who will be able to help you control your costs by finishing the project on time and on the discussed budget. Before setting out to search for a contractor there are some important factors you should keep in mind.

Make Sure That the Contractor Is both Insured and Licensed

Each major home improvement project requires specific licenses; the city’s administration should be able to advice you on which licenses are needed. Once you have this information you should make sure that the contractor you plan on hiring has the needed licenses. Damages and accidents are usually quite common during home improvement projects so it is also important to make sure that the contractor is insured. Don’t take any chances, you should even ask for physical proof if need be.

Ask as Many Questions as You Can

Out of all the prospective contractor Fairfield CT candidates, make sure you meet and talk to each one of them individually. The questions you ask should be regarding the project. If possible, get both the questions and answers in writing. Don’t forget to include specific details such as the supplies that will be used during the project, if any subcontractors will be needed and the kind of work that will be done. Some projects tend to exceed the budget so it is a good idea to include the maximum percentage overrun in your estimate. It is also a good idea to have a lawyer draft up a contract that will be signed with both you and the contractor.

The Payment Schedule Should Be Based on Work Completed and Not Time Spent

If you are lucky enough to find a good Contractor Fairfield CT service then you should draft a payment schedule that is based on the amount of work completed. Most contractors ask for a down payment which is usually 10-15% of the projected total pay. All other subsequent payments should be in line with projects goals. For example, you can agree with the contractor that 25% of the fee will be paid once the foundation is completed. In order to make sure that no problems surface after the project is completed, keep 15% of the pay till 30 days after the job is done. Keeping a paper record of all the payments you make is also important.

Finally it will be up to you to make sure that the contractor Fairfield CT is located is going on with the project as planned so you should be ready to supervise.

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