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by | Feb 19, 2013 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Two primary concerns mesh when one considers attic insulation: environmental impact and finances. Making sure that your house is not losing heat in the winter or cold air in the summer is a solution to both. A well-insulated home uses less energy and is eco-friendly, which in turn means lower utility bills to pay every month.

One of the ways many residents lose heat and therefore run their furnaces or heating systems in Rockford, IL more than they should (obligated to pay more per month than they should) is by not having adequate insulation in the attic. If your attic is insulated, you may need to consider how well it’s working or if it needs more work. You should also check and make sure there is no water damage, which can create all kind of corollary problems as well.

It’s possible that your attic is insulated, but the material that is used isn’t best for your home, which may mean that you are heating your Rockford, IL attic as well as your local residential home. Many attics are not well sealed, so you may be trying to heat up the outdoors as well, which many mothers and fathers around the world throughout time have warned their children against attempting.

Many house builders use one of four different kinds of insulation, which include spray foam, standard strips foam, fiberglass strips and loose fiberglass .If it’s the wrong kind of insulation for the structure of your house, or not well insulated, may be difficult for you to tell. Seeking the help of a heating contractor in Rockford, IL to inspect your attic insulation and determine if it needs to be better insulated or not is one of the first steps towards energy efficiency and lower bills.

Not only does having your attic well insulated help you move towards better use of energy and lower monthly bills, but it also can improve the quality of your air. If there is a moisture problem or mold growing in your attic, this is especially true, and should be remedied. If the air inside your house seems too stale or drafty, or you see moisture spots developing on the ceiling or elsewhere, the best recourse is to contact a cooling and heating contractor in Rockford, IL to evaluate the situation, get rid of moisture and remediate mold, and make sure your attic is properly insulated.

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