How Is Stone In San Diego Used?

There are differences in how stone in San Diego is used, depending on the type of stone and its intended use. Stone is usually classified by the minerals that are contained in the rock and the process under which the rock was originally formed. Technically speaking, there are three classifications of rock; Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic.

Igneous stone in San Diego was formed when molten lava cooled. Even at that, there are two different types of Igneous stone, that which is made when motley lava cools underground and that made once the magma, molten rock, reaches the surface. A typical example of plutonic rock, that which is formed underground is granite and examples of volcanic stone in San Diego is pumice and basalt.

Sedimentary rock is formed by sediment, it could have been organic or chemical precipitates. The sedimentary stone in San Diego was often made by weather and erosion of base materials that then ended up being compacted over the millennia. Sedimentary stone in San Diego is found relatively close to the surface and are normally classified into shale, sandstone and limestone.

The third type of rock is Metamorphic. Metamorphic stone in San Diego is stone or rock which has already formed as one type, including it, and then changing its composition by it being subjected to heat and pressure different than what originally created it.

Rocks of one sort or another have been used by humans since the dawn of time. Some stone in San Diego has been found to have been used as tools and weapons, mining rocks and stone to claim their metal ore has been one of the factors that has propelled the development of people and societies. Precious metals and gemstones of all sorts are imbedded in stones and rocks and it is through the processing that we claim pure gold, silver, diamonds etc.

Not only does stone in San Diego yield precious metals and gems, it yields that which is needed to fuel a modern society. Iron ore, uranium, coal, oil shale, potash and many other materials. Rock and stone in San Diego yields almost everything that cannot be grown as an agricultural product or created in a laboratory.

The oldest rocks on earth are igneous. They were formed underground during a volcanic eruption and then the core of the volcano was exposed by the movement of glaciers. Zircons found in the Northwest Territories of Canada are believed to be over 4 billion years old.

Today, much of the stone in San Diego is used for decorative purposes. The country is blessed with brownstone, granite and limestone. Much of the decorative granites are found in Vermont, Georgia and New Hampshire.

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