How to Choose the Right Window Installer for Your Replacement Window Project

by | Dec 5, 2014 | General, Home Improvement

The professional installation of a replacement window will play an important role in ensuring your home’s energy efficiency. Any error committed during the window replacement process can contribute to air leakage and the loss of heat. Choosing the right professionals for the execution of a window replacement project is as important as the selection of the right windows for your home.

Recommendations and Online Reviews

Start with the obvious basics – ask for personal recommendations or look for reviews online. Have any of your neighbors or people you know in San Diego gone through window replacement in the past? Inquire about their experience with the window installer.

Professionals who do a quality job in terms of installing replacement windows in San Diego, CA will be recommended by many of their former customers. Inquire about the assistance homeowners received in terms of window selection, the certification of the company, the timeframe for execution, the availability of warranties and the price.

Online reviews have to be examined carefully, as well. Make sure the testimonial you’re reading is authentic. Reviews written by actual customers don’t feature excessive marketing hype and they could potentially mention a shortcoming or two.

Written Proposal and Price Estimate

Obtain a written proposal for installing replacement windows in San Diego CA from at least a couple of companies. Having such documents will enable you to complete a side by side comparison of the terms and conditions.

Representatives of reputable companies will come to your home, examine the condition of the old windows and provide a free estimate. Being denied this opportunity will usually be indicative of problems in the future, if you choose to work with the particular window installer.

Questions to Ask

You should be ready to ask several questions before making the final decision.

Inquire about the company’s certification and insurance. Comprehensive liability insurance will protect you in the case of an accident or any property damage incurred during the window replacement process.

How long has the company been in business? The best professionals in the field have years of experience. A family-owned window replacement company that has been around for multiple years will usually have the values, ethics and internal structure to will ensure the quality execution of the project.

Talk about available warranties, as well. The most reputable contractors will give you some warranty, helping you rest assured the windows have been installed in the best possible way.

Take your time and don’t rush the decision. Shopping around and comparing possibilities side by side will enable you to pick a reputable window installer who will help you for the selection of the right model, listen to your needs and complete the project in a timely, professional manner.

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