How to tell if Online Reviews for Roofing Companies in Franklin are Accurate & Reliable

by | Mar 7, 2020 | Roofing

Many homeowners and business owners rely upon online review sites as a way to find contractors who can perform Roofing in Franklin services, but many of those individuals question the validity of the reviews. So, how reliable and accurate are reviews found on various online review sites?

Online review sites are open to anyone. Some of the sites may require an account be made to post a review, but anyone who has access to the Internet can post a review. This set-up makes it easy for people to post reviews, but it can be easily abused.

One of the biggest problems with online reviews is the ability for competitors to post reviews. Competitors will often post negative reviews in an effort to draw prospective customers away from one business and to another. This type of review posting can make it difficult for individuals to know what reviews to trust. Luckily, there are ways to tell if reviews are accurate and reliable.

The first way to tell if a review is accurate and reliable is to read all of the reviews on the site. Most companies will have a mix of good and bad reviews, but if you notice that a company tends to have all negative reviews or all positive reviews, it may be a sign that someone is abusing the review system.

Another way to tell if reviews are accurate and reliable is to read what is posted. Many individuals will just look at the star rating and go from there, but it is essential to read what the reviewer has posted.

If the reviewer has posted specific details, including dates, times, and names, it could be an indication that the review is accurate. If the reviewer has just posted a few vague words, such as ‘bad service’ or ‘unsatisfied’, it could be an indication that the reviews were posted by the competition.

For example, if you were looking for reviews on Roofing in Franklin companies, like Website Domain, you would want to find a detailed review. This review will outline when the company performed their services, how satisfied the customer was with the service, and outline any problems that may have arisen during the service call.

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