Information About The Installation Of New Air Conditioning Equipment In Peachtree City

The summers seem to be getting hotter than they have been in previous years. The demand for air conditioning has increased as a result. Even people that have never considered having Air Conditioning Equipment Peachtree City area are making the decision to purchase a new system. As such, a lot of information needs to be gathered by consumers before making such a large purchase.

Air Conditioning Installation Peachtree City services off the installation of systems that are rated for energy consumption. The government has passed many requirements over the past few years that have required air conditioner manufacturers to develop high-efficiency cooling systems. These are rated under the Department of Energy’s Energy Star program. Each system is given a rating called a SEER number. This is a ratio for cool air output for a given area relevant to the energy required to produce it. The higher the number, the more efficient the equipment. Most systems are now rated at least 16 SEER. However, a home owner should buy the highest rated energy-efficient system that he or she can afford.

The advantage to replacing an old system is mainly found in the reduced cost of the energy, of course. By replacing an old system, it is possible to save from 20 to 40 percent of the energy that was used in the old system. This goes a long way towards recouping some of the costs of buying the equipment to replace a clunky, old air conditioner.

Of course, the level of savings is dependent on how well the new equipment was installed. A professional installer makes sure that the customer receives the right sized unit to cool a specific sized home. This is important, because a unit that is too large or too small is inefficient, and that defeats the purpose of the purchase. In addition, the equipment must be set -;up with proper ductwork as well. Old, worn ducts allow for air to escape through leaks. Today’s ducts are made to be more resistant to tears and leaks. Many are also insulated in the process. It is recommended that you have your ducts insulated if they are already.

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