Install Epoxy Floor in One Weekend

Installing an epoxy floor is an easy DIY project that only takes a weekend to complete. You may think you are not ‘handy’ enough to take on such a project, but you are wrong! The process is relatively simple and you will be quite pleased with the outcome. With a little elbow grease and some instructions, you will have a beautifully refreshed garage.

First things first, you will need to know the square footage of the space you where you will be applying epoxy. It is recommended to always buy more than you think you need because epoxy does not spread the same way paint does. There are several supplies you will need to have on hand. Make sure you buy everything and have it ready to go so you are not running back and forth to the hardware store on install day. You will definitely need a roller pan, a paint roller with handle extension, plastic pails, mixing paddles, latex gloves, paint brushes and a large push brush with stiff bristles. Make sure the bristles on your brushes are heavy duty. You definitely don’t want bristles coming out on your new floor.

For standard epoxy jobs, you can typically find a kit with all materials needed to coat the floor. The first step to Install Epoxy Floor is to completely clean your garage floor. This includes stripping the floor if it was previously sealed. Otherwise, you will need to completely sweep the floor and seal off any cracks or chips. To remove any grease or dirt, you will need to wash off the surface with water.

Working fast is the main component that goes into a successful epoxy job. Once the epoxy is mixed into the paint hardener, you will have 2 hours to spread the coating over the desired surface. You must wait 12-24 hours before applying a second coat. Color flakes are optional but certainly make the floor come to life. You will want to sprinkle these over the top coat every few feet after applying the epoxy. After another 24 hours you can apply the final coat of hardener. This needs to try yet another 24 hours for foot traffic and 72 hours before you can park your car inside. Your weekend epoxy job will get your DIY juices flowing and open your eyes to all of the projects your capable of completing.

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