Is insurance for your boiler a good thing?

by | Apr 12, 2013 | Heating and Air Conditioning

There may be ample evidence that the world is going through a period of warming, but the last few winters would make people doubt the theory. Sub-zero temperatures and icy winds have become the new norm for winters in the Midwest and northeast. People have started to become concerned about their heating system breaking down in the worst of winter, and rather be out of pocket with boiler repair in Westchester, they have started to insure the boiler against failure and immediate repair.

Before you agree to specific insurance to cover a Boiler Repair in Westchester, there are a few things that you may want to do first.

Review you current home insurance policy:
You may find that your boiler is covered under your homeowner’s policy, check this with your agent before you agree to any further special insurance. It may be covered but the cover may be considerably less than what a typical boiler repair would cost. You may also want to check with the utility that provides the energy, either gas or oil. In some cases they offer a repair service with some degree of discount.
Compare the costs:

Assuming that your homeowners policy either does not cover Boiler Repair in Westchester, or if it does the cover is insufficient, then you must go shopping. You may want to start with the company or agent that provides you other insurances, such as home, automobile, health, etc. Many times, these companies will give you a good rate because of the other policies that you hold with them. If not, there are many options that come up with a quick internet search.

When doing your research, don’t pay attention to the cost only. Make sure that the insurance provider has a 24 hour hotline that you can call when you need help; you also have to get a complete understanding of what they consider to be an emergency vs. what your beliefs are. There are policies that are not effective if the boiler repair in Westchester must be made during the summer, they are of the opinion that because you do not need the boiler, it is not an emergency.

Read the boiler plate:
That is not intended to be a pun, you must pay particular attention to such things as the number of call-outs they will cover per year, and do they cap the claim. Look for a policy that provides 24 hour a day, year round service that is all inclusive; parts, repair and call-out charges. You may be wise to get a policy that includes an annual check-up; this will minimize the potential of an emergency and most certainly minimize the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

At the end of it all, you have to answer the question; can I afford not to have my boiler working; that is the bottom line.

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