Is There any Point to Installing a Deadbolt in Chicago IL?

With the current crop of home security systems on the market, many people think that older methods of home protection are obsolete. The fact is that those older methods will still work in tandem with any security system. In fact, some of them can be integrated into the function of the system. A prime example is the lowly Deadbolt in Chicago IL. Here are some of the reasons why this type of lock is still worth having around.

Additional Protection

Whether the individual owns a home or lives in an apartment, having a Deadbolt in Chicago IL on the front door means another layer of protection. Deadbolts are not hard to operate, but they do have the advantage of making it harder for a burglar to kick in the door. The fact that there is already one lock in the door knob and now there is a deadbolt to deal with means taking more time to get into the house. That extra time makes it easier for the security system to pick up on the activity and alert the authorities.

Sturdy Construction

Deadbolts are simple mechanisms but do not confuse simplicity with durability. These types of door locks are capable of lasting for years with nothing more than occasionally using some type of cleaner for the tumblers. While the door knob lock may need to be replaced every decade or so, the deadbolt will remain.

Integrating the Deadbolt into the Home Network

Not everyone is aware that there is such a thing as wireless deadbolts. This approach makes use of what is known as lock bumping technology. Simply put, it is possible to lock the deadbolt manually, or the homeowner can use a keypad to enter a specialized code that will trip the lock. For those who like the idea of a deadbolt but do not like fumbling with keys, this approach can work very well.

Best of all, since the deadbolt is connected to the home network, it is possible to use a cloud application to determine if the lock is engaged or not. If not, it is simple enough to enter the code and close the lock.

For more information about deadbolts, visit and check out the options. It will not take long to see why this security measure is worth investigating. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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