Keep Any Building Dry With Expert Roof Repair in Long Island NY

by | Aug 25, 2015 | Roofing

There are many options when a home or another building is due for roof repair in Long Island NY. For instance, the owner may decide it is time to install something more durable or the building may need a specific roofing material such as slate or tile. Slate is an excellent choice for some roofs because it provides a unique look and a very functional roof covering. Unfortunately, some building owners can’t afford this option and have to seek alternatives. In this case, the choice of composite shingles may be the best bet.

Composite shingles are a multiple layer product made from asphalt. This may not seem comparable to the use of stone, but composite shingles are thick and use two or more layers to provide the shingle with strength and depth. The depth is useful to give the shingle a better shadow. To ensure the product looks more like real slate roofing, the manufacturer will add angles to the edges. This allows the composite shingle to have unique shadows along the outer edge that resemble the various angles that stone might display.

Not all Roof Repair in Long Island NY requires the replacement of the roof. For example, small leaks can occur around the various roofing details. These are items such as attic vents or bathroom fans that have edges that need sealing or the flashing that is often used between different levels of the building. Locating these types of problems may require a regular inspection of the roof. This is often done by the homeowner when working in the attic, but in cases where it is difficult to see the underside of the roof, the building owner needs to contact an expert.

While the exterior of the home or another property is being improved, it might be useful to consider other overhead structures such as porches or bay windows. To make these areas stand out, they can be covered with a metal such as copper. Copper roofing provides durable protection that ages gracefully. The beautiful green patina that develops over time can create a unique look or the metal can be cleaned and sealed periodically to keep it nice and shiny. Check out website domain and learn more.

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