Different Design Aspects to Consider with Custom Curtain Hardware in Long Island, NY

by | Aug 21, 2015 | Home Improvement

The fabric, color, and length are priorities when picking curtains. The detail that can get overlooked in the process is the hardware for the curtains. This detail can enhance the look of the curtains installed in the room. It can be surprising how much this detail can enhance the design of the curtains. These are some of the details considered when choosing hardware for the curtain.

The color of the Custom Curtain Hardware in Long Island NY is something to consider. The color of this hardware is actually an important design element. It can be based on what is complimentary to the color of the curtain. It can also be based on other elements of color used in the space such as chairs, tables, or accent pieces. This can bring a visual cohesion to the room.

The shape of the hardware is another detail to consider. There are three different pieces of the curtain hardware to consider the shape of. One is the curtain rod. Many curtain rods are round. However, there is the option for square shapes depending on which design direction is being taken in the room. The ends of the curtain rod are another shape option to decide upon. These ends can be very ornate or very simple. They can reflect the shape of other pieces in the room for cohesion. The brackets holding the curtain rods are the final shape to consider

The size of the Custom Curtain Hardware in Long Island NY is another detail to look at. A thicker curtain rod can be more of a presence than a thinner rod. It depends on the type of fabric picked for the curtains. A thinner rod can accommodate a more light and airy type of curtain. While a thicker curtain rod can enhance more a more formal curtain look.

The curtain hardware can be just as difficult to pick out as the curtains. The hardware is designed to enhance the elements already in the room. By considering the color, shape, and size in comparison to the curtains, the right design details can be incorporated. For more information on custom hardware for curtains, check out .

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