Keeping Your Home At The Right Temperature

by | May 7, 2013 | Air Conditioning

While most of us are constantly looking to see where we can save an extra buck or two, there are some times when saving that extra dollar now might cost you much more in the future. When it comes to heat and air in Knoxville TN make sure you aren’t taking short cuts that will cost you much more in the future. Keeping your home at a good temperature year round could save you from having to make costly and time consuming repairs that can come with heat or cold damage.

Winter Cold Warning
While you may be trying to cut down on your heating bill during the cold winter months, it is almost never a good idea to drop the thermostat off or to very low temperatures. Because your home most likely contains modern plumbing, running water is constantly flowing through the pipes of your house. This is sometimes tricky to remember, as we often don’t think about the process of the water getting to our sink, shower, or toilet. Because this water is flowing through the pipes, keeping your home warm enough to prevent frozen water lines is very important. In the winter months, maintaining your homes heat and air in Knoxville, TN will prevent frozen pipes.

Because water expands when it freezes, keeping your house cold can lead to water freezing up, expanding, and bursting the water channels in your home. Not only will the pipes need replacing, but this kind of damage may also lead to flooding. Free flowing water in your home can be disastrous. Flooding can ruin just about anything that gets in its path and soaks it in.

To avoid the hassle of bandaging broken pipes, and cleaning up the aftermath of home flooding maintaining your home’s heat and air in TN may be worth more than the money you would save by turning down the heat.

Summer Savings or Disastrous Damage?
While it is not as highly risky to turn off your heat and air conditioning unit Knoxville TN in the summer, making sure your home is taken prepared before turning it off is crucial. If you suspect any kind of water leakage or starts of mold in your home, you may want to have them taken care of before turning off your cooling unit for the summer. If water sits in a warm dark area for a long period of time, you may be laying the foundation for mold and bacteria.

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