Making a Statement With Iron Doors

Making a Statement With Iron Doors

Perhaps you have noticed them while driving around town, or while watching your favorite home showcases on television. Custom iron doors are all the rage in exterior design, both for older estates as well as for ultra-modern properties. Heavy, imposing, and bulging with style: This is why this kind of door has become so popular.


Generally, wrought iron is an artisan product built with finely honed skill and visual sense. For this reason, iron doors have long been associated with luxury. There was a time when only the wealthiest could realistically afford such amazing pieces of craft. Prices are typically far more affordable than in those days, but the impression of luxury and class is still heavily associated with iron doors. Adding them to a home automatically elevates the character perceived from the curb.


Makers of custom wrought iron doors use cutting-edge tools and techniques to improve the products of the past. The metal they use now is usually higher quality, more refined, and made under more exacting standards. Today’s craftspeople are also able to achieve intricate designs and finishes that may have been difficult or impossible in the past. More can be done with less material, making it possible to realize open and airy metalwork that is attractive and functional.


Thanks to the maturation of technique and process, iron doors are generally more customizable now than they ever were. A door could be made to fit any aesthetic, and to enhance the curb appeal of any home. All a homeowner has to do is decide what he or she wants to accomplish with the door’s features. Just about any desire can be accommodated. Iron doors can be made to a variety of sizes, and with a wide range of detail work. Glass doors can also be incorporated that a homeowner can swing open easily to invite the breeze inside, all without compromising the natural security features wrought iron is known for.


Part of the statement custom iron doors make is a promise of strength and endurance. A wrought iron door is a door often built to last. This is lost on no one who sees it, from an appreciative neighbor to a potential thief looking for an easy score. An iron door is the very definition of strong.

The reputation of iron doors is well-earned. Not many products combine elegance with toughness in so classic a package. It is no wonder they have become such a sought-after way to make a statement without uttering a word. Click here for more information.

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