Movable Glass Walls Add Value to Both Office and Home

by | Sep 7, 2012 | Home Improvement

A far more practical option available to homeowners or office managers than tearing down walls, re-studding, and rebuilding is movable glass walls. Utilizing the functionality that is provided by movable glass walls to cordon off a section of a room or create offices in a large area that surround a central hub is one of the first choices managers make when seeking to use space efficiently. One may see this use applied in many call centers, for instance, where cubicles might be arranged for those taking calls, surrounded by offices that make use of movable glass walls for supervisors and other management employees. This allows for more accessibility, as well as visual supervision.

Using movable glass walls in an office space may also allow many employees to work more diligently and without distractions in a private setting than they would in an open space, while still having the advantage of outside light and visual communication. An office enclosed with movable glass walls is in some ways the antithesis to the cubicle; where the cubicle is not sound-proof, it limits visual interaction, but movable glass walls achieve the converse, which is often far less distracting. Some executives are pleased to discover that even the walls that they choose can contribute to an efficient use of space, improve workflow, and essentially make business more productive and profitable.

Movable glass walls may be used in a variety of different situations, including classrooms, conference rooms, retail stores, as well as in the home. At home, they may be used inside the house to separate and enclose various spaces using clear glass, frosted glass, or glass of various colors in order to add to or blend with the aesthetic sense of a room. Another idea is to use movable glass walls in order to partially or fully enclose an outdoor area, such as a large patio, enabling homeowners to keep in more heat in the winter or to keep a deck cooler in the hot summer months.

For use indoors, movable glass walls should be chosen that use thick and dense glass in order to prevent breakage or possible injury. There are multiple styles and designs to choose from that will fit just about any interior design, whether your home’s décor is extremely sophisticated, colorful, high energy, or more subdued and going with the flow. Materials for frames and positioning depend on your needs and desires, and beyond that, it is functionally possible to implement the use of movable glass walls in just about any kind of situation.

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