Options To Consider When You Have Damage To Commercial Roofing In Aurora, IL

Options To Consider When You Have Damage To Commercial Roofing In Aurora, IL

comCRP_0-300x224There are limited number of options when it comes to fixing a problem with a roof. The roof of a home or business covers almost 75% of the exterior surface of a building and it is your first defense for protection in all weather conditions. If you are experiencing problems with commercial roofing in Aurora, IL contact professionals in your area to get an estimate on a repair, restoration or a complete replacement cost.

Obviously, the least expensive option would be to maintain or repair your current roof. The roof itself is not just the surface area. You have to consider the hip and ridge protection, ventilation, underlayment, starter shingles, ice and rain barriers, gutter, insulation and the insulation inside the attic or rafters. A problem in any of these areas may have been damaged and only a professional can pinpoint the exact area of damage that may be causing problems elsewhere on the roof. You don’t want to fix an aesthetic problem only to have the internal problem still exist.

Next, you can consider restoring your commercial roofing in Aurora, IL as your next option. This means that you will be overhauling the parts that need fixing. This can save you considerable amount of money compared to the price of replacing it altogether but this immediate fix will not give you lasting results that a new roof would. All the systems of a roof are meant to be replaced together so by replacing or repairing a section at a time will undermine the overall integrity of the roof.

Lastly, you have the option of a complete replacement of a roof. At this time you may even be able to consider changing the slope of the roof for a better lifetime guarantee, especially on commercial type properties. One way to skim the costs of a replacement is to put a new roof on top of an old one. This can only be done once and the longevity of the product is not as long as if you had a complete replacement by removing the roof underneath.

There are only three main options to consider but within each option the pricing can vary widely. Also, ask your professional contractor for roofing about the warranties for each option you consider. This may have a greater impact on your decision than simply the price or overall results to the end product. Visit www.showalterroofing.com to read more.

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