Diagnosing the Intensity of Hail Damage

If you have hail damage to your roof or gutters, then it is vital that you take immediate action and get them repaired. Light hail does not usually cause extensive damage, however hail over an inch thick is more than big enough to tear apart roof shingles and cause damage to guttering systems. If roof shingles are already weakened, they may show signs of damage from hail less than an inch in diameter. The best way to tell if your roof is damaged is to analyze the area outside your home, if your mail box, vehicle and vinyl siding are damaged, then you should contact your roof repair company. These items are very prone to hail damage, and they can be a sure indicator that further damage lays elsewhere.

The Initial Inspection of Your Roof

If you notice that hail splatters are on your roof, then you may experience slight discoloration. In most cases, splatter hail is not enough to do any serious damage to shingles. The splatters should wear off in time, although it might be worth calling a hail repair company to ensure that no underlying damage has been caused. If you notice that there are small indentations in your roof, then your roof and shingles may have experienced granular loss. Parts of the roof may need to be replaced, but in most cases this is not classified as serious damage. Serious damage is when the granules in the roof become dislodged, thus exposing the fiberglass underneath. In this case, you may need to have your shingles replaced depending on the extent of the damage.  Gutter repair contractors in Columbia, IL should be able to provide you with an estimate on any type of repair.

Calling Your Roof Repair Company

When you call a roof repair company, they will come to assess the damage. In most cases, it is more beneficial to call a hail specialist, since they will know the exact amount of damage caused by examining the roof and surrounding areas. They will also be able to tell if there was any pre-existing damage to your roof before the hail, including cupping, cracking, and shingle hardening.

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