Paint Ideas for Five Rooms in your Home

A painter can make a world of difference to the look of a room in just a few short hours. Here are paint ideas for five rooms in your home:

* 1. Bedroom:  You want your bedroom to be soothing and relaxing to ease you into a peaceful sleep. If a painter is hired for your bedroom painting project you can take your inspiration from a number of ideas. Have your painter paint your walls in cool and calm colours such as blues, whites or turquoise. These colours will make you feel relaxed and calm. You can also decide to add a pop of vibrant colour such as yellow or red to wake you up each morning.

* 2. Living Room: The living room is the perfect space to express yourself and add personality. You can choose a main wall behind the sofa to create a focal point using a brighter or more dramatic colour for impact, or opt for a more serene look with all of the walls the same colour. If you have an awkward small wall in your living room you could get creative and have your painter draw more attention to it with a pop of colour. You could also gladly watch it fade into the background by keeping it consistent with the rest of the room.

* 3. Kitchen: If you are a little short on money cannot afford to install a stunning tile backsplash consider adding a splash of colour instead. Your painter can apply a coat of paint in a colour to add impact or even create a special feature adding stripes of other graphics to make your backsplash pop.

* 4. Kid’s Room: You can have lots of fun painting a kid’s room. You can use stencils to paint shapes or characters, have fun with primary colours or create a fun focal wall with bright oranges, lime greens or hot pink. Paint is a durable option for kids’ rooms as it is easy to clean.

* 5. Dining Room: The dining room requires a special touch if this is where you entertain. Consider using two colours or adding custom moulding to make the room more formal. Stimulate appetites with reds in your dining room in rich burgundies, deep raspberries or cheerful apple tones. You can also create sophistication with gray or go for something more regal such as jewel tones.

Paint allows you to create an entirely different room with a simple coat of paint.


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