Planning For Window Replacement In Your San Rafael Home

Planning For Window Replacement In Your San Rafael Home

Working with a professional service providing window replacement for your San Rafael home should always be a very positive experience. For the homeowner, the biggest challenge is typically in narrowing down the choice of windows.

Today, homeowners have a range of styles, frame materials, and even glass types to choose from. Top window replacement companies work closely with the best window manufacturers to offer people in the San Rafael area windows that are not just great looking, but that provide energy efficiency and low maintenance for a lifetime of comfort and style.

The Size and Shape

Depending on the type of home you have, and the type of exterior material, changing the size and shape of the windows during the process can add considerably to the job. For example, a brick, stucco or a home with a stone façade is going to require more work to resize an existing window opening, than would be the case with vinyl or wood siding.

However, if the windows are small and make the home look old and dated, this is the perfect time to choose the size, shape and design features you want. Talking with the company installing the windows is a good way to understand the cost involved. Look for companies offering free estimates for the work they provide.

Preparing for the Project

The company hired to provide the window replacement services does all the work, including removing the old window, hauling away debris and material, completing the install and sealing and finishing the area around the interior and exterior of the window.

Ideally, move any small items from around the area where the window is to be replaced. Additionally, if you have items outside the house in the area, remove them as well, allowing the installers to get to work removing the old windows immediately.

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