Prepare for Gutter Installation in Eugene With These Top Tips

by | Feb 11, 2022 | Home Improvement

Gutters protect homes and yards from water damage. Replacing old, damaged gutters is one of the best ways to preserve the foundation’s integrity and stop erosion. Before gutter installation in Eugene begins follow these tips to prepare for the job.

Check the Fascia and Soffits

If the home’s current gutters were damaged, it’s possible that the soffits and fascia have water damage. Never install new gutters if these parts have rotted. Replace them before having new gutters installed.

Paint Before Installing Gutters

Homeowners who were thinking of painting their home’s soffits or fascia should do this before installing a new gutter system. With the old gutters removed, the job goes much faster and precision isn’t as important.

Know the Home’s Drainage Needs

It’s never a good idea to hire someone for gutter installation without knowing the home’s drainage needs. Hiring professionals is the easiest way to guarantee the right gutters and downspouts get installed. Work with professionals who have years of experience installing gutter systems and do a thorough assessment before recommending a system.

Clean Up the Area

Before installation day, homeowners must clean up any debris around the home and give the workers a safe space to work. Gutter installation involves climbing up and down ladders with supplies in hand. The last thing one wants is for workers to get injured.

If there’s landscaping that’s overgrown, cut it back. Also, if one has sensitive plants and other vegetation they don’t want damaged, covering them is a good idea.

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