Properly Maintaining An Air Conditioner in Urbana

by | Jun 12, 2018 | Air Conditioning

When an Air Conditioner in Urbana is used to keep people cool during summertime months, unnecessary downtime is a concern. An air conditioner that is not maintained properly leads to poor efficiency and a decreased comfort-level of those who rely upon it. Here are some steps to take to ensure a unit works its best when it is needed most.

Clean The Unit To Remove Built-Up Debris

An air conditioner requires frequent cleanings to keep debris from blocking vents or encrusting necessary components for the unit to run effectively. Unplug the unit and remove the cover to expose the innards during a cleaning session. Use a vacuum cleaner attachment to remove dust from coils. A smaller attachment will work well at remove debris from mechanisms inside of the unit. Be sure to avoid touching the inside mechanisms with the end of the attachment so damage is not caused.

Take The Time To Swap The Air Filter Often

As an air conditioner is used, the air filter used to remove dust and pollen becomes dirty. To keep an air conditioner running at a maximum efficiency level, take a look at this filter on a monthly basis. If a disposable filter appears gray, remove it and slide a new one in its place. If a reusable filter is used in the unit, remove it and rinse it in lukewarm water to remove debris. Allow the filter to dry completely before reinserting into the unit.

Make Sure The Unit Is Positioned Appropriately

A unit positioned in an improper area of the home will cause it to need to run at longer rates of time to cool the interior of the structure. Make sure a unit is not blocked by curtains or draperies and move larger pieces of furniture to areas out of the path of airflow. Keep the door to a room closed so cool air does not disperse to other areas of the home where it is not needed.

When there is a need to hire a service to make a repair or to install a new Air Conditioner in Urbana, finding the right business to do the job is a must. Request service today to receive service at a competitive rate.

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