Protect Your Horses and Equipment with Video Surveillance Systems

Clearwater, Florida and Pinellas County sports some of the finest horseback riding stables and stud farms in the state. Unfortunately, horses, tack, trailers and other equipment are magnets for thieves. Protect your horses, trailers, medications, feed and boarders with Video Surveillance Clearwater and surrounding areas.

Foaling Time

Mares usually foal in the early hours of the morning. It can be difficult to keep on going out the barn to check on a pregnant mare. This task is much easier on both caretakers and mares when video cameras are hooked up in a mare’s stall. Grooms and owners can open a browser window to check on their mares while doing other work.

Theft Deterrent

Horses are usually stolen to make a quick buck to a kill buyer. A kill buyer is someone who crams as many horses into a trailer as possible and sells them to slaughterhouses in Mexico or Canada. Horsemeat is still in demand in such countries as Japan, France, Belgium and Italy. Some thieves no longer bother shipping stolen horses to a slaughterhouse and butcher the animals themselves, then sell the meat as “beef.” Video cameras deter thieves and can help successfully prosecute thieves.

Protection for Boarders

Stables are often busy places. Boarding stables are a constant hive of activity. Unfortunately, some criminals can slip into the stables unnoticed by a crowd busy with riding, training and grooming. Any boarding stable or riding stable where children are often present needs video surveillance. Knowing there are cameras around can also deter employee theft of boarder’s valuable equipment and personal belongings like purses and wallets.

Protection During Shipping

Horses and ponies often have accidents or develop colic during shipping. However, unless there is a groom traveling in the trailer with the horses, problems are left unnoticed until the animals are dying or dead. One such injury happened to legendary Pony of the Americas foundation stallion Dragon, who fell through the trailer floor and was dragged for dozens of miles. A camera in the trailer with the horse helps drivers, passengers and any attendants quickly spot any problems going on in the trailer.

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