Questions You Should Ask House Cleaners in Colorado Springs, CO

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Hiring the correct house cleaners for your home requires asking the right questions upfront. Cleaning services vary widely, so make sure to clarify details before signing any contract. Here are key areas to question potential house cleaners in Colorado Springs, CO.

Experience Level

Ask how long the house cleaners have been in business in Colorado Springs. Tenure signals knowledge of local homes and familiarity with regional cleaning needs. Also, inquire about previous experience to gauge their capabilities. Ideally, house cleaners will have 5+ years of experience cleaning homes in Colorado Springs, CO.

Cleaning Products

Ask what types of cleaning products house cleaners use. Many providers bring their supplies, while others expect you to supply them. If they use their products, ensure they use green-certified, eco-friendly brands. Discuss any allergies as well to confirm their supplies won’t irritate you, your family, or your pets.

Background Checks

Vet any house cleaners in Colorado Springs, CO, about their hiring and screening process. Reputable companies run federal and state background checks on all employees. Make sure any cleaners entering your home are drug-tested, bonded, and insured, too. Don’t hesitate to ask for proof.

COVID Precautions

Due to the continued presence of the virus, validate what extra precautions house cleaners are taking to prevent coronavirus transmission. At a minimum, they should sanitize high-touch surfaces, wear masks, use disposable gloves, wash hands frequently, and maintain social distancing. Ensure they actively monitor employee health as well.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Quality house cleaning services stand behind their work with some form of satisfaction guarantee. Ask candidates what guarantees they offer if you aren’t fully satisfied with their cleaning. Reputable house cleaners will return to clean any imperfect areas at no extra cost.

Opt for Professional House Cleaners in Colorado Springs, CO

Ask the right questions to choose reliable house cleaners who consistently deliver quality, cleanliness, and utter satisfaction. Reputable service providers, such as Vetter Cleaning & Maintenance, offer years of pristine cleaning expertise tailored to each client’s needs with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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