Reasons to Call for Ants Control Services in Arlington VA

by | May 28, 2019 | Pest Control

As families spend time preparing meals and snacks, it may be quite disturbing to find ants in the kitchen. They are one of the most common household pests, and in some cases, they make homes seem dirtier than they really are. To maximize the effectiveness of Ants Control Services in Arlington VA, it’s important to understand why infestations occur. Below are a few reasons homeowners find ants in their kitchens.


Ants aren’t necessarily looking for a place to stay, and many times, the only reason they enter the home is to look for food for the colony. Leaving food out is a simple way to attract the pests, especially when it’s rotten or uncovered. Don’t let things waste away; compost or dispose of them as soon as possible.

Window Worries

In some cases, kitchens with re-occurring ant infestations also have windows that aren’t well-sealed. Ants are resourceful insects and they can squeeze through the tiniest cracks. When windows are properly sealed, ant problems are less likely.

Kids and Pets

Pets and children are fun, but they’re also messy. They often make the sorts of messes that an ant would find very appealing, but in some cases, those messes aren’t immediately noticeable. When kids and pets are underfoot, it’s important to be vigilant about cleaning up these small spills.

Colonies Around the House

As mentioned before, ants don’t actually want to live indoors; they see homes as food sources. To stay close to those sources, they may build colonies around the home. Be on the lookout for new colonies, and call for Ants Control Services in Arlington VA at the first sign of a problem.

Seasonal Foraging

When spring and fall come around, ants start foraging for food. Wherever they go, they leave a scent trail that allows other ants to find their way to new food sources. This is a common reason for ant problems in the kitchen, and to prevent it, seasonal ant control may be necessary.

There are many reasons a homeowner may find ants in their kitchen, and learning about these reasons is a big step in the ant-proofing process. With professional Pest Management Services, it’s possible to get the ants out and keep them away.

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