Responsibilities of a Home Builder

by | Oct 13, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

A home builder is a company that is in charge of constructing private houses. Since today’s houses are much different from before, especially with all the multi-faceted designs, the home builders in St. Augustine has must have the knowledge, organizational skills, and the drive to build them successfully following the required code. They have to learn to work together with the homeowner and must have the patience to answer all their questions. That is understandable since they do not have the technical knowledge like you do.

In addition, home builders in St. Augustine professionals must have certain knowledge and understanding about the home’s complex systems such as electrical wirings and plumbing system. They must pay attention to details and any innovations regarding the current building code to ensure that the home they are constructing is sturdy and built with quality.

Role of a home builders in St. Augustine:
• They are advocates for the homeowners. They have to be part in designing and planning the project.
• Home builders and homeowners must be a team in establishing a realistic budget for the project.
• They have to help monitor the cost and expenses throughout the construction process. They must see to it that they do not exceed the budget prepared for the project.

Responsibilities of home builders in St. Augustine:
• Home builders should be involved in managing the construction team from start to finish. It is essential that they have advance knowledge on how the building system works for them to be able to monitor and instruct the sub-contractors regarding the execution of the project.
• It is the responsibility of the builder to create a contract with the homeowner regarding the construction. In the contract, the cost of the project, payment terms and the approval of the design. As much as possible all important aspects in the construction must be covered in the contract, including the initiated changes of the homeowner while the project is ongoing.
• Once the design has been approved by the homeowner, the homebuilders are then responsible in the application of a building permit. They will be the one to act as a liaison between the owner and the government agencies involved, such as building inspectors.
• Home builders are the ones who should obtain the approval and inspection from the government as well as the certificate of occupancy.
• They are the ones who will order, receive, and check the building materials to be used for the project. Through their monitoring they will be able to detect what are the defective materials that are being delivered. This is also important to see to it that everything is working accordingly prior to its installation.
• Once the project is completed, the home builders will coordinate with the designer and the sub-contractor teams if everything is according to the plan. If there are issues, they can immediately resolve them before the final inspection of the government.
Once they have received the certificate of occupancy from the government, the home builders will be the ones to give it to the homeowners.
The home builders will then educate the homeowners regarding the operation and maintenance of their new house.

With this information on hand, it can serve as a guide to what you should expect from home builders in St. Augustine professionals.

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