Restoration for Flood Damage in Brooklyn is Important for Mold Prevention

When your home has been affected with flooding, there are a range of problems that can occur. Flood Damage in Brooklyn is a serious problem that can ruin walls, floors and furniture. One of the most confusing questions for many people who experience flooding is how to clean it up. It is important to understand the number of steps involved in effectively cleaning up after a flood. Water damage restoration companies such as Maspeth Environmental Corp are knowledgeable in the necessary steps and they have the proper equipment required to safely clean the flooded area.

One of the most important steps in restoration following Flood Damage in Brooklyn is to cleanup the water. It is extremely important to remove the water as soon as possible to prevent mold growth. Mold will begin to grow within 24 to 48 hours after flooding and once it has begun to grow it is extremely difficult to contain it and prevent other areas of your home from being affected. Another reason to immediately remove the water is to prevent damage to the foundation. The longer standing water remains in areas such as the basement or crawl space the greater the risk is of the concrete foundation to begin crumbling.

Bacteria is a serious result of flood damages. If the area that was flooded has carpeting, there is a greater risk of water sitting on the underside of the carpeting, which can rot the wood underneath as well as become a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. A professional restoration company will follow specific steps to remove the water and prevent further risks of mold. The restoration company will first remove all water, use heavy duty fans to completely dry the area and then asses the risk of mold. If mold has already started growing, the restoration company will contain the area of mold to prevent it from spreading throughout the house. The mold will be completely removed, the area will be cleaned and disinfected to prevent future growth of mold. If there is carpet in the flooded area, it may need to be removed to ensure all water is removed and to make sure there is no mold growth under the carpeting.

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