Rodents and Critters: Fun with Squirrel Removal in Dublin OH

by | Oct 9, 2015 | Pest Control

Squirrels are not cuddly, but they look so ridiculously adorable. They whisk away at a small peanut and, from afar, seem like a wonderful little pet. Unfortunately, this is all a myth. Squirrels are about as nice and friendly as a panda bear protecting her young Squirrel removal in Dublin OH. is actually quite involved, and it has to be done quickly. The fun of the removal ends when a family thinks about what kind of damage a small family of squirrels can bring to their home.

Squirrels do not always remain closed up in the attic for a Squirrel removal in Dublin OH. During the warmer seasons, they will scurry about in the yard. Squirrels actually rarely leave their direct vicinity once they establish a home. The squirrels at the local park may be the same ones for a few years. This is a problem when the squirrel is housed in the attic, and the family indulges in fruits and grass from the garden and yard.

A roof collapse sounds like a serious disaster reserved for a major catastrophe, such as a hurricane. Who would have thought that a small family of squirrels could cause that kind of damage? Squirrels can chew through wooden posts and beams in a major way. If the beam gets chewed through, they will move their way to the next beam. It may only take a season for them to make their way through a good section of the attic space.

They do not only eat wood in the home. Squirrels have a tendency to snack on insulation and wiring, which only stresses the importance of quick squirrel removal in Dublin OH. The insulation will increase heating or cooling costs. The wiring could be an expensive repair, and it could affect the entire home for a period of time. Squirrels will even go through the chimney to enter the home, and the potential for disaster becomes amplified.

Some very smart and involved families have made the mistake of delaying a call to Opossum Removal at Wildlife Control Company after they witnessed a squirrel in their attic. Squirrels have their own cuteness working in their favor. Unfortunately, they can cause a path of destruction. Browse here for more details.

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