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by | Apr 28, 2020 | Cleaning

Do you own a company that is mid-sized? Have you been tasked with keeping your facilities clean day in and day out? Do you wish you had somebody to come in and clean up every so often but do not want to go out and hire a part time employee for any number of reasons? Well it might be time to considering hiring a contract custodial engineer to come in once or twice a week and give the place a good going over. Keeping your work place clean is a very important aspect to maintenance and without it your store could start to look pretty bad and that runs you into the danger of driving away paying customers because of cleanliness reasons and that is never good.

The Role Of A Contract Cleaner

Once you finally make the decision to go out and negotiate a contract with a janitor you should have a pretty good idea what kind of role you are going to need them to play. This can be anything from cleaning the floors and taking out the garbage to making sure all work space is clear of clutter and debris. There are a lot of things that these custodial engineers can do for you and it should be one of the main parts of your discussion when you are negotiating the terms of service. You might want them to come in during off hours or on specific days of the week. You might also want them to use certain products or perform more labor intensive tasks. If you have a need then the chances are they might be willing to meet your requirements on a variety of different fronts. So when hiring one of these workers makes sure you have a good idea of the role you need them to play in your business.

Special Projects & Occasions

It could be that you have a special project coming up. Something like a onetime event or maybe it is just a seasonal thing and you do not want to put up or take down all of those holiday decorations this year. Whatever the case might be hiring someone for a one or two time bit of work is also an option when looking into contractual employees. One of the best things about using an agency is that while you make the deal and pay them for the maintenance it is not your responsibility to handle their pay check. In fact, the company you deal with pays the person directly and all you need to worry about is dealing with your agreement with them. It really is just that simple even if you own a smaller than normal business.

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