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by | Apr 12, 2013 | Pest Control

Many people would describe a possum as a cute, furry marsupial with a thick tale and big eyes. Most people would say they are harmless little creatures that should be left alone. While this is a noble thought, it is not a reality if a possum decides to establish residence in your home, under your porch or perhaps in your garage. This is when you should contact possum removal Arlington TX .

There are over 60 species of possums and they can vary in size. Some are as small as 7 inches while others grow to 3 feet. They are partly arboreal. This means they can easily move about in trees but as a result of the depletion of forest lands, possums have had to adapt. They are quite content to live on the ground, in preexisting shelters. Possums are also adept swimmers.

As the only marsupial in North America, the mother possum carries her young in her pouch for nearly 3 months and then the litter clings to her for a couple of additional weeks. Each litter is roughly a dozen in size. If you have one, you may soon have many.

Due to the fact that possums have opposable thumbs, like humans, they have the ability to hold many things and climb with ease. In other words, they have the ability to successfully engage in a great deal of mischief.

Possums are nocturnal animals so while you may be sleeping, a possum may be raising havoc. They will eat dog food and pilfer through the garbage if they are in search of something to eat. It is also quite common for a possum to die within the walls of a house they have found a way into or in a basement, crawlspace or attic. The electrical wiring they may chew along their path has the potential to cause major problems.

Possums are usually not aggressive but if they feel endangered they may hiss and bite. This can lead to discord if your household pet encounters a possum. They can also carry parasites, fleas and ticks that can cause illness or death to domestic animals.

If you suspect you have a possum problem, you need the experience of knowledgeable and qualified pest control. For peace of mind and successful treatment of this pesky pest, competent possum removal in Arlington is available and ready to assist.

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