The Importance of Fire Alarm Testing

by | Jan 17, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

AF_Compliance_B_W_Logo If you own a building in New York City, it’s important that your fire safety system works effectively throughout the year. Whether your building is commercial or residential, you must have confidence that in the event of a fire your fire safety system does its job. In many cases, a fire threatens to cause fatalities if it’s left unattended and allowed to grow.

The point of a proper fire safety system is to first warn you that there is a fire and then work to control or suppress it before it grows. While an internal fire safety system is important, it’s just as important to have a standpipe system nearby to fight a fire externally. You can ensure proper function of the standpipe system by using NYC special inspections to inspect the system annually for signs of leaks or malfunction.

Testing Your Fire Alarm System

If you own a large building, you probably have smoke detectors and fire alarms on each floor. Smoke alarms are easy to test manually, and if you follow the rule of changing your smoke alarm batteries out once a year, you should always have a working smoke detection system. Since the smoke and heat from a fire will rise quicker than the actual flames, it’s important that your smoke detection system works effectively to warn people in the building that there’s a fire.

NYC special inspections can send out a fire inspector to review your fire alarm system. Some systems are wired within the walls of the building, so it’s important that you have a certified inspector check the functionality of your system annually. You want to know that your fire alarm units will go off in the event of a fire without any sort of delay.

Testing Fire Suppression Systems

Most buildings in NYC implement the use of fire sprinkler systems to help control and suppress fires. These systems work by sensing heat and releasing water or a foam and water combination to douse the flames until firefighters reach the scene. You can work with NYC special inspections to test your fire suppression system to ensure that all sprinkler heads and sensors work properly. If you notice any malfunctions with the sprinkler heads or plumbing system, you can promptly hire a contractor to fix the system. Because many NYC buildings have numerous floors, it’s important that you maintain your building’s fire safety system to prevent costly damages or fatalities in the event of a fire.

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