The Installation of Sliding Bathroom Doors is Easy

If space and clutter are an issue for your home, then you may want to open up the space by installing sliding bathroom doors. They work well when it comes to separating the kitchen from the dining area. You may want to open up a room and turn it into a study or a workspace. Installing these types of doors will offer you these solutions. The mechanisms of these doors are made up of three parts, which are known as the bearings, the upper rail, and the lower guide.

Required Materials and Tools

It is important to acquire the hardware and materials necessary for the sliding bathroom doors installation. It is likely you will need sheets of glass, wood, or hardboard. You will also need a level, drill, saw, and a screwdriver. You want the doors to last a long time, so it is very important to maintain the proper supplies and tools that are necessary to complete the job.

Guide Rail Support

When the track is purchased consideration should be given to the weight and quality that can be supported. In order for the weight of the sliding bathroom doors to be supported properly, this is vital. Once you decide on where you want to install the new doors it is important to make sure the space is adequate for handling the installation of the structure. It is important that the top bracket for the guide is leveled perfectly.

The best way is to trim to size a wood strip that is four by four inches. At various points screw it into the wall at the right height. At the end of the door a vertical bar should be placed to stop the door. The guide rails should then be screwed into the horizontal bar. It is a good idea to place stops in the right places so that the door does not reverse or fully close. Next the mechanisms of the slide bearing should be on the blades top edge. This is what is recommended by the manufacturer. Next you should secure the floor guide rail. Lastly the door should be hung on the upper rail guide and then check it to make sure that it is able to freely move.

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