Tips for Commercial Cleaning in Beaverton, OR

If you are running a Commercial Cleaning Beaverton OR business then there are three areas that you need to know that clients will want you to keep clean. These areas are office and public spaces; floor maintenance, and kitchen and bathroom areas. If you have a working knowledge of each of these areas, you will be of a great asset to your client. If things always shine, and smell good, in the office, you will be assured to have work with that client and probably many more.

Every Commercial Cleaning Beaverton OR professional from Northwest Commercial Carpet & Floor Cleaning Inc knows that in the office and public areas vacuuming and dusting is the key. Make sure to reach the top areas of the office to remove cobwebs, which seem to spring up overnight to plague you. No one wants to be at their desk, trying to work with a huge cobweb hanging over their head. Make sure that you dust everything from the computer monitors to the desk that they sit on. Never, rearrange or bother anyone’s paperwork and always empty the trash before you vacuum or mop.

In the kitchens and bathrooms, every Commercial Cleaning Beaverton OR professional should check the top ledges for dust and cobwebs. Make sure to wipe down all soap dispensers, counters, and mirrors. Refill all of the soap and towel dispensers as well and of course make sure to clean the toilets and mop the floors. Always, wear gloves and you also need to wear a mask if you are dealing with harsh cleaning solutions.

It is best to have a floor buffing machine as a part of your Commercial Cleaning Beaverton OR business. If you are in an office that has no carpeting, you will want the floors to shine when you leave for the night. A quality vacuum cleaner is also a really good idea when it comes to vacuuming an office building and you might want to invest in a carpet cleaner as well.

Running a Commercial Cleaning Beaverton OR business isn’t all that hard, and you can get the cleaning done quickly and efficiently by following the tips above.

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