Things to Ask a Roofing Contractor Minneapolis Professional Before Hiring

by | May 7, 2012 | Home Improvement, Roofing

Finding a reliable roofing contractor Minneapolis professional can be challenging and time consuming.  However, it’s important to know the right questions to ask a roofing specialist before hiring them.  Many times homeowners and building owners hire a roofing contractor by referral and don’t do the necessary leg work to make sure they are reliable, which can be costly.

What Basic Information Do You Need to Know About a Roofing Contractor?
When consulting with a roofing contractor Minneapolis specialist you should get all their basic information.  This information should include the full name of the company, address and permanent phone number.  Make sure the contractor provides you with a street address rather than a PO Box.

Should You Only Hire a Licensed Roofing Contractor Minneapolis Professional?
You should only hire a roofing contractor that is licensed.  It’s also a good sign if a professional or roofing business provides certifications from trade associations.  This means that the specialists have extended their knowledge and training in roofing repair and the products needed to assist with repairs.

You need to follow up and do some research yourself when a roofing contractor Minneapolis professional says they are licensed and certified.  State and local governments require roofing contractors to have credentials.  Check with the Minneapolis city clerk’s office to see what the requirements are for the area.  Once you know this information it’s important to see if the roofing specialist you have in mind is following those credentials.

How Long Has Your Roofing Contractor Minneapolis Specialist Been in Business?
This is a very important question to ask.  While a roofing contractor who is just starting out could very well be a great contractor, sometimes just knowing that you have a professional that has been in the field for awhile can be reassuring.  A professional that has been in the roofing business longest has much more hands on experience than someone who is just starting out.

Should I Ask a Roofing Contractor For References?
You should always ask a roofing contractor for past references.  Many times a contractor or business will have a website with this information, but for those that don’t have a website make sure to get a list of ten referrals where work has been done in the last 12 months.

Once you have the referrals you must follow through and contact the referrals before you hire the roofing specialist.  Ask each referral at least four questions about the contractor and always ask whether or not they were completely satisfied with the work done.

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